Share your vision for the future to help Create Singleton 2032

Published on 21 June 2021

The year 2032 may seem a long time away, but Singleton Council is already planning to meet the future needs of the community with a review of its 10-year Community Strategic Plan.

Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore said all residents, businesses, organisations and community groups were encouraged to share their thoughts on the future of the Singleton local government area for the next decade. 

And with an entire program of workshops, drop-in events and activities, it’s easy and accessible for all to get involved. 

Cr Moore said the people of Singleton had a defined view of what the area should look now and into the future, and, based on consultation with everyone in the community, the plan would give Council a clear pathway to how that can and will be achieved. 

“The review of our Community Strategic Plan, Create Singleton 2032, represents the highest level of planning we undertake in local government – it’s a shared community vision that will inform Council’s actions for the next 10 years and beyond,” she said.

“Four years ago, our community told us their priorities for things like improving our play spaces, the construction of the Arts and Cultural Centre in Townhead Park, developing a sustainability strategy, holding more community events, and increasing grant funding, which we’ve been able to deliver. 

“But that was four years ago. We know there’s a lot of impacts for our community in the years to come, including the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, industry forces and construction of the Singleton bypass. This is the ideal time to consider what we want for Singleton in 2032 and what can be delivered at a local level.”

Cr Moore said being involved in Create Singleton 2032 was the best way for people of all ages to help set the vision and direction for Singleton for the next 10 years, and everyone’s insights were valuable.

“From now until the end of September, there’s a whole program of events, workshops and children’s activity to capture ideas for what our community want for Singleton in 2032,” she said. 

“And that extends far beyond paper surveys. Council staff have already had some great discussions with our community through the Living Laneways program, at Firelight in May and at a drop-in session at Bulga recently. And there are plenty more opportunities to be part of the discussion, whether it’s at one of our workshops in July and August, or at other community events across the LGA from now until September.  

“People can also take part in the online survey, post their thoughts on the ideas wall in the Library, or get their kids involved in the Arts Prize and Creative Project for a chance to win a Spend in Singleton gift card and the opportunity for their work to be exhibited in the new Arts and Cultural Centre.

“As well as informing the draft Create Singleton 2032 Community Strategic Plan document, the information we receive will also be presented to the Councillors elected on  4 September 2021, to help them understand our community’s vision and allow the new Council to get to work more quickly.”

For more information, including how to register for the public workshops and get involved in the Create Singleton 2032 Art Prize and Creative Project, visit W 

To take the online survey, visit W



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