Renumeration steps towards recognising Councillors' contribution to th

Published on 20 June 2022

A 2 per cent pay rise and superannuation for the Mayor and Councillors is just a slice of the time, energy and dedication that goes into being an elected representative, General Manager Jason Linnane says.

A report to tomorrow’s ordinary meeting of Singleton Council recommends the maximum allowable payments for the regional rural category, amounting to a $67,140 annual fee for the Mayor and $21,100 annually for each Councillor.

The combined total amount represents a meagre 0.238 per cent of Council’s budget for 2022/2023.

With a By-election scheduled for 30 July 2022 and nominations opening on Monday 20 June 2022, Mr Linnane said a better reflective pay level plus superannuation in addition to the rewards that come from working for the community could help to encourage more people to run.

“Being elected as a Councillor to make decisions for and on behalf of the community is an important role and I don’t think many people realise the significant time, effort, and skills needed to run for and hold public office,” he said.

“Quite rightly, people don’t put their names forward to serve the community for financial gain. But the remuneration for our Mayor and Councillors should be an appropriate reflection of the status of these positions that demand dedication and a high level of accountability around the clock.

“When we consider the 2 per cent increase equates to about $7.88 per week for Councillors, it’s a high return on investment for the work delivered for our community through Council meetings, representation on committees, briefings, and requests from the community.”

Mr Linnane said the provision of superannuation was also a big step in the right direction to bring elected representation in line with modern employment conditions.

“I can promise everyone in Singleton that Council staff, and especially our Mayor and Councillors, keep a close eye on our budget and how public money is used to deliver facilities and services in the most efficient way possible,” he said.

“All workers deserve appropriate pay and conditions proportionate to the work they do. The same goes for our elected representatives and the service they provide in decision-making and setting policy direction that influences our community now and for years to come.

“The provision of superannuation, along with remuneration, is a big step in the right direction towards ensuring fair pay and potentially encouraging more people to run for local government.”

For more information about the By-election or nominating, click here.