Mayor calls for less talk and more real outcomes ahead of election

Published on 21 April 2022

Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore has challenged the leaders of all major parties to make their commitment to the people of Singleton clear ahead of the upcoming Federal Government election in May. 

Cr Moore said she had written to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and candidates for the electoral seat of Hunter to highlight the needs of the Singleton community as outlined in the Singleton Advocacy Agenda and Singleton Infrastructure Agenda with a view that Singleton was to be included in the Federal Government’s future program. 

"We keep hearing about how important coal mining communities are, and we continually see the major parties talking about their commitment to coal mining regions while sitting in their offices in Sydney and Canberra. But as the Mayor of one of the most important coal mining communities in Australia, I am yet to have a visit from any of the leaders of the major parties of the upcoming Federal election to discuss how they will commit to supporting the people of Singleton,” Cr Moore said. 

“It was wonderful to see the announcement for Newcastle Airport — this is a project that will have a massive positive impact on the whole of the region. It was also fantastic to see projects in Lake Macquarie and Cessnock get support in recent announcements — they are much needed as well. But it's the people of Singleton who are facing major uncertainty with all the talk of changes to the carbon economy. 

“It is our community that needs immediate, real leadership from the highest level of government — commitments and actions that lead to tangible outcomes. Empty promises and talk from afar just won't cut it anymore, and on behalf of the Singleton community and with my fellow Councillors, we will hold them to account to do what is required and what is right.

“We are really positive about what the future looks like for Singleton. We know we are not a ‘one trick pony’. We are clear about how we need to continue to evolve our economy and take advantage of our wonderful endowments, not the least being our proximity to Newcastle and Sydney. 

“We are focused on ensuring we have all the city conveniences but with a rural heartbeat, and as a Council we know we have a role to play, and we will play it well. But the impacts of changes to the carbon economy require the leadership and resources of both the federal and state governments to address them in a meaningful way. 

“I am pleased to have met with the local candidates for the upcoming Federal election. We have shared with them our Advocacy and Infrastructure Agendas, and I note the Labor Party’s recent support for the redevelopment at Alroy Sports Complex. I eagerly await to see how the leaders of all parties holistically commit to our community.

“It’s time for more action and less talk.” 

For more information about the Singleton Advocacy Agenda and Infrastructure Agenda and to download a copy, visit