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Council recognises that facilitating opportunities for community engagement and participation in quality arts and cultural programs can enrich the personal lives of residents and support the social and cultural wellbeing of the community. A quality arts and cultural program enhances the region’s identity and reputation and will provide opportunities for cultural tourism that feeds creative industry development and contribute to economic diversity. 

Council is responsible for infrastructure and other assets that have a fair value of approximately $832 million dollars.

This strategy is presented at a high level to provide key information that can be used in the determination of levels of service and funding required.


This Property and Land Holdings Strategy 2022 provides an informed strategic vision and management framework for Council’s portfolio - ensuring that management decisions meet Council’s aspirations, are commercially grounded and reflect the wider strategic context of the land.

This Strategy also provides the framework for Council’s establishment of an Income Property Portfolio, to form an important component of the Singleton Legacy Fund. The Income Property Portfolio will support Council’s long-term financial viability, as well as underwrite opportunities to drive the prosperity of the LGA for future generations. 

Singleton Council offers city conveniences with a rural feel. Our area benefits from easy access to nearby amenities while also boasting world renowned vineyards and diverse rural landscapes. In close proximity is the Newcastle Airport, University of Newcastle and the Hunter Expressway which easily links Singleton to Sydney and the North Coast.

The Singleton Local Housing Strategy 2041 sets the roadmap for decision making around housing in our Local Government Area to acknowledge and take into consideration the characteristics which make our area a unique and attractive place to live while facilitating housing to respond to our communities’ needs.

The aim of the Local Housing Strategy is to tell the story of housing from the current situation around housing, how our existing zoned areas can accommodate future demand and the housing gaps we need to address. Feedback received through consultation and workshops with the community has informed the development of the Local Housing Strategy and is reflected in our principles and actions for housing over the coming decades.

The purpose of this strategy is to articulate how Singleton Council will undertake Socio-Economic Development to ensure the future of the Singleton local government area (LGA) and its residents.

This Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) has been created to provide strategic direction to Council staff to ensure efficient and effective use of internal and external resources in our pursuit to improve the liveability of the Singleton LGA.


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