The documents listed are Council's adopted policies which guide Council's decisions and service delivery.


Advertising at Sportsgrounds
Arts and Culture Policy
Asbestos Management Policy
Asset Disposal Policy
Asset Management Policy
Biodiversity Conservation Policy
Building Over or Adjacent to Sewer Infrastructure Policy 
Building in the Vicinity of Sewer and Trunk Mains Policy
CCTV & Portable Surveillance Devices Policy 
Children’s Services Policy
Code of Conduct | Procedures for the administration of the Code of Conduct policy
Code of Meeting Practice
Competitive Neutrality and Complaints Handling Policy
Compliments and Complaints Handling Policy
Corporate Credit Card Policy
Councillors Expenses and Facilities Policy 
Councillor Induction and Professional Development Policy
Debt Recovery Policy
Discharge of Liquid Trade Waste to Sewerage System Policy
Determination of Development Applications by Council Policy
Donations Policy 
Election Campaign Signage Policy
Enforcement and Compliance Policy
Environmental Management Policy
Environmental Noise Policy
Footpath Trading Policy
Fraud and Corruption Control Policy
Gifts and Benefits Policy
Hardship Policy
Information Management (Recordkeeping) Policy
Integrated Risk Management Policy
Interactions Between Councillors and Staff Policy
Internal Audit Policy
Investment Policy
Lease/Licence of Council Land and Buildings to Community Groups Policy
Legislative Compliance Policy
Loan Borrowing and Overdraft Policy 
Local Preference Policy
Media Policy
Onsite Sewage Management Policy
Non - Standard Sewer Service Policy
Pensioner Concession Policy
Privacy Management Plan 
Planning Agreements Policy
Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct Policy
Procurement Policy
Public Interest Disclosures (PID) Internal Reporting Policy
Record Keeping and Information Access for Councillors Policy
Related Party Disclosures
Sewer Services Policy
Signs As Remote Supervision Policy
Singleton Community and Economic Development Fund Policy 
Social Media Policy 
Statement of Business Ethics 
Tree Management on Council Land Policy
Unreasonable Complainant Conduct
Volunteering Program Policy
Water and Sewer Section 64 Developer Charges for Singleton Local Government Area
Water Carters Policy
Water Restrictions Enforcement Policy
Water Supply Services Policy
Youth Services Policy