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Garage Sale Trail
Thanks for checking in on our Garage Sale Trail webpage.  Garage Sale Trail will be held in October 2017.  More information on Garage Sale Trail 2017 will be provided here closer to the date.

The Garage Sale Trail is one big day of Garage Sales happening right across Australia, on the one day. Singleton Council registers annually so that residents, schools and community groups can take part.

Now in it’s sixth year, the award wining Garage Sale is Australia’s biggest REUSE event. We’re about sustainability, meeting the neighbours , having fun, and making money while you’re at it!

Everyone can get involved and it’s free for sellers and shoppers.

For sellers - you can hold a sale as a household, street, community group, school, charity or even as a local business. You can make money for yourself, or fundraise for a cause.

For shoppers - it’s truly the way to find the treasure in your neighbourhood! Each year there’s more than 3 million items for sale! Last year you could buy anything from designer shoes to a hovercraft to a house!

It’s the biggest community and sustainability event in Australia, so get involved!

For more information go to the Garage Sale Trail website.

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