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Public access
Any person may use the Public Access Session at a Council meeting to address Council on any matter listed on the agenda requiring a decision by Council.

A Request for Public Access can be completed and submitted to the Executive Secretary, or the details of the request may be advised by telephone by calling 02 6578 7290, before 4.30pm on the day of the meeting. After this time a request can be made in person to a member of the Governance Team in the Council Chamber up to the start of the meeting at 5.30pm.

Each speaker is limited to five minutes each. If required, a speaker may be granted an extension of a further two minutes.

Speakers may only address the meeting and may not ask questions.

Councillors may direct questions to a speaker but only in respect of matters referred to in the public access session, or as detailed in a written comment by the speaker contained in the business paper and only to clarify the position of the speaker or statements made.

Questions to speakers are to be shared by Councillors in order to ensure equity.

Persons seeking public access will be invited by the Mayor to address the meeting during the Public Access Session, or when the particular item is reached on the meeting agenda, whichever is appropriate.

The total time allowed for the Public Access Session, including all speakers, extensions of speaking time and Councillor questions, is 30 minutes. The Chairperson has the ultimate discretion to decide on any issues regarding speakers and questions.

There is no limit to the number of speakers who may address Council on a particular matter, however, only one person may speak on behalf of an organisation or group. An applicant in a matter being considered will be given the opportunity to speak last.

A person in the public gallery may not approach a Councillor at any time during a meeting. A Councillor who approaches a person in the public gallery during a meeting will be recorded as being absent from the meeting.

Any act of disorder may result in expulsion from the meeting in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice.

Any person requesting public access should note that the Council meeting, including the public access session, may be reported about on social media.

Tabling of public access documents
Any document to be provided by a speaker at a Public Access Session must be submitted and circulated to Councillors and the General Manager in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice.

A petition may be lodged by a Councillor or member of the public where it relates to a matter on the agenda for a meeting of the Council and is submitted in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice and included in the business papers for that item.

Any petition presented to the Council must comprise fewer than 50 words (not including signatories) and not be disrespectful, use offensive language or include statements made with malice.

Any Councillor who presents a petition on behalf of the petitioners, is to confine himself/herself to reading the petition and advising the number of signatories attached to it.

A person or persons may, with the approval of the General Manager, make a presentation for a maximum duration of 15 minutes, to a Council meeting.

An application to make a presentation to a Council meeting must be received by the General Manager no later than seven days prior to a Council meeting if the presentation is to be included as an item on the agenda for that meeting.

The inclusion of a presentation as an item on the agenda for a Council meeting is at the General Manager’s discretion.

To request the opportunity to make a presentation, contact the Executive Secretary or call 02 6578 7290.

Other information provided to Councillors
Information or documentation that is not included in the business papers for an item on the agenda for a Council meeting (other than a meeting of Closed Council) may be provided by a Council Officer, a Councillor or member of the public to Councillors for consideration in relation to an item on the agenda.

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