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Magpies are a protected species and it is against the law to kill them. 

If removal is required approval is needed from National Parks and Wildlife and they must have an authorised contractor (who is registered with Parks and Wildlife) to remove the bird.

Information from NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
  • It is the male magpie who attacks while protecting the female and the chicks. If a male is removed from the nest, another male will move in and start the breeding process again, which extends the length of time that the attacks will occur for.
  • The magpie swooping generally last for less than eight weeks a year while they are nesting and protecting their young, this occurs in the Spring (August - October). This concludes when the chick leaves the nest. Only some birds see people as a threat. Most will not swoop you.

The community is encouraged to take precautions:

  • Avoid the magpie territory if possible;
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses or carry an umberella if walking through their territory, this may discourage the magpie attacking; and
  • Do not provoke or harass the bird.

For more information visit the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.

For information on the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Hunter Region Urban Wildlife Program contact 02 4984 8200.

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