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Floodplain Risk Management Study

Singleton Council is reviewing its 2012 Flood Risk Management Study and Plan. This study will provide a better understanding of Hunter River flooding across the proposed study area, and how best to manage these flood risks. 

This study will improve the accuracy and resolution of Councils existing flood mapping by making use of recently available high resolution topographic data.

This mapping will be used to identify flood risks and possible flood mitigation options, including updating Council’s flood planning controls. 

The study is being overseen by the Singleton Flood Risk Management Committee and will include extensive public consultation to ensure that the views of the community are properly considered. The committee consists of Councillors, Council Staff, State Government representatives and community representatives. BMT has been commissioned to carry out the study. BMT is an independent company that specialises in floodplain risk management.
The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage is providing financial and technical assistance.

Key Study Outputs
Floodplain Risk Management considers the consequences of flooding on the community and aims to develop appropriate floodplain management measures to minimise and mitigate the impact of flooding. This incorporates the existing flood risk associated with current development, and future flood risk associated with future development and changes in land use.

The outcomes of the review will improve the existing Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, by introducing more accurate management measures and strategies to help with the coordination and responsibilities of the Government and the community in undertaking immediate and future flood management works and  initiatives.

The completed study will inform a wide variety of land use planning activities including strategy and policy development, updating of planning controls, evaluation of new development applications and emergency management.

Community Input
In close consultation with the local community, BMT and Council will identify and assess a range of potential strategies to mitigate the impacts of flooding in the study area.
Flood management strategies may comprise individual measures or a combination of measures, according to the following classifications:

  • Flood modification measures, which typically involve structural works such as flood protection levees, drainage system enlargements, flood detention basins or bypass floodways.
  • Property modification measures, which include flood planning controls to ensure that future development is compatible with flood risk, voluntary house raising and voluntary house purchase.
  • Response modification measures, which include emergency response management measures, flood warning, flood evacuation and community flood awareness and preparedness.

In order to maximise the effectiveness and value of the review of the 2012 Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, Council is asking for  feedback from local residents and the community. 

We would like to hear your opinion on what would be the best way to manage flooding into the future and have developed a questionnaire for this purpose.

With this information, we can work towards improving the safety of the local community and reducing the impact of flooding on private properties and community facilities.

At a later stage in the Study, you will be invited to attend a community information session where you will be able to review a short-list of flood management options.

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