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Flooding in Singleton
1955 Flood During - Aerial Shot of Singletons 1955 Flood - Map location 3A.jpg
Since European settlement many floods of the Hunter River at Singleton have been recorded. Before settlement of Singleton, travellers to this part of the Hunter saw evidence of previous flooding events by way of debris lodged high in the trees.

The Dunolly Bridge was opened in 1905. Floods from before this time have no official flood height measurement.

Minor flooding is deemed to be at 10m with major flooding occuring at 13m.

During the 1955 flood, 95% of homes and buildings were inundated with flood waters of up to six feet. The entire CBD area was flooded. The Singleton to Warkworth road and the New England Highway at Whittingham were under more than 3m of water.

The 2007 flood is ranked the fourth highest flood reaching just 0.5m below the 1955 flood peak of 14.57m.

There was minor flooding in January and March 2013 with flood waters peaking at 10.81m and 11.3m respectively.

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