Meter Accuracy Testing

If you are concerned that the water meter is not recording correctly, for a fee you can have the meter tested.  A second water meter is run in line with the property meter and both meters are read over a three week period to determine if the meter is within the acceptable tolerance of four percent. 

If the test shows that the meter is inaccurate, it is deemed to be faulty and Council will:

  • Repair or replace the meter;
  • Refund any charge paid by you for the test; and
  • Adjust your latest account on the basis of a daily usage equal to the average daily usage during the corresponding meter reading period of the previous year, or similar basis.

If the test shows that the meter is reading correctly and Council will: 

  • Keep the associated fees and charges paid; and
  • The water account stands.

Meter accuracy tests are available on application with payment of the appropriate fee.

It is recommended customers self-check the meter first, advice on checking a meter can be found in the here.

The tolerance level of four percent of the actual quantity of water passing through the meter, is defined in Part 6, Division 3, Clause 158 (5) of Local Government (General) Regulations, 2005 (NSW).