Fire Services

Council water mains are located within public road, public reserve and pathways or water supply reserves.  Council installs and maintains hydrants in its water supply network at convenient distances and places for the ready supply of water to extinguish fires and for Council’s operational purposes.

Developers and property owners may be required to install a private hydrant (or hydrants) wherever an existing or proposed development is out of reach of the street hydrant within the water supply network in accordance with essential fire safety requirements and Australian Standard AS2419.

While Council staff are responsible for the connection to the water main and the installation of the valve and tee, the supply and installation of all fire safety infrastructure such as designated fire hydrants, fire sprinkler services and fire hose reels are developer and/or property owners’ responsibility.

All requests for a fire service connection to Council’s water network must be accompanied by sizing advice from a hydraulic consultant or development consent outlining sizing requirements.

Use of Fire Services

The supply of water from a fire service for any purpose other than firefighting or the testing of firefighting equipment is not allowed. The only persons approved to access or operate street hydrants are members of the NSW and Rural Fire Brigades and authorised Council Water and Sewer Group staff.

Metering of Fire Services

Water metering of fire services will be assessed by Council on the type, size and use of the development. Generally:

  • Hose Reel Services must be metered and will be connected to a metered water service to the property, and
  • Designated Fire Hydrant Services must be fitted with an Australian Standard approved Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA) and an appropriately sized bypass meter, usually a 20 to 25mm low flow bypass meter.

Available Water Pressure Statement

Council can provide a statement of available water pressure to the developer or property owners’ hydraulic consultant to assist in the design of appropriate fire service systems for the development. 

On receipt of the Statement of Available Pressure application, nominating the flow rates required and payment of the appropriate fees and charges, Council’s Water and Sewer Group Development Engineer and/or Utilities Plumber undertake the required testing at the indicated location and provide advice of the main capacity and pressure available to the applicant.

 The fees are charges are adopted annually by Council and can be found in the adopted Fees and Charges.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Water and Sewer Group Development Engineer on T 02 6578 7290.

Additional Information

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