Water and Sewer Building Plan Assessment

If you're building, renovating and/or developing land in Singleton Councils water and sewer supply areas, the development will need to be assessed by Singleton Council’s Water and Sewer Group to determine if there is any impact on Council’s water and sewer infrastructure and if any additional approvals are required, such as water connection, building in the vicinity of sewer and trunk water mains or a certificate of compliance under the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW). 

This includes Exempt and Complying Development and all residential (including ancillary development), non-residential (commercial, industrial and change of use) and subdivision development types.

 If the development is subject to a Council lodged development approval application, this assessment is completed in conjunction with the Development Application and no additional information or plans are required. For all other application types (exempt and/or complying development for example) a Water and Sewer - Building Plan Assessment Application  is required, along with a full set of plans to scale and payment of the associated fees. 

Once the application is received, Council will:

  • assess the development plans;
  • investigate the developments water and sewer servicing requirements and impacts on the existing infrastructure and service levels;
  • stamp the provided development plans; and
  • draft a Building Plan Assessment Advice letter, outlining any impact or additional requirements.

These will be returned to the applicant via email. Incorrect or insufficient information will result in delayed assessment, as will requests for additional information. 

In all instances a Building Plan Assessment Application must be lodged prior to the approval of any development.