Waste Minimisation Program

If you have items you need to get rid of and are unable to take them to our Waste Management Facility or wait for Council’s next bulk waste collection, Ecoactiv is for you!

Ecoactiv is an online recycling booking platform servicing our community with sustainable disposal options. You can book your contactless recycling service online — all year round — and choose free and low cost options for pick up and drop off.

You can use the Ecoactiv service to recycle unwanted electronics, appliances, battery and solar equipment and tools, as well as selected items under furniture, leisure and sports, materials and packaging and personal mobility items.

Ecoactiv’s solutions are underpinned by circular economy practices, which means that the items collected by the service are primarily repurposed, recycled or regenerated so that they are used again and again. Together, we can all divert more waste away from landfill and work towards a circular economy.

How to use Ecoactiv

  1. Visit the Ecoactiv platform website
  2. Create a list of the items you want to recycle
  3. Tell Ecoactiv where these items are located
  4. Tell Ecoactiv when you want the items to be picked up 
  5. Check out and wait for further instructions to be e-mailed to you

It’s that simple.

Ecoactiv’s pickup service is easy and convenient. A cost will be determined by the weight and dimensions of the items you want collected.

How can I recycle through the Ecoactiv Digital Platform?

There are a large number of old or unwanted items that we can recycle for you. Recycling these items prevents them from going into landfill and will help save the environment. Items that can be recycled include: computer and electronics, batter, power and solar, electrical and appliances and more. To see a full list of what can be disposed of through Ecoactiv, click here.

Will the Ecoactiv service cost me money?

Yes, just like taking your waste to landfill, the Ecoactiv waste pickup service does incur a cost.

The cost of the service will depend on your chosen disposal method, the weight of your waste, as well as the type of waste you will be recycling.

The cost will be determined by the weight and dimensions of the items you want collected. 

As we break down items into their raw commodities, some items will cost more than others to process.

Typically, larger items with different types of material (rubber, metal, plastic etc) will cost more to process than an item purely made of glass.

By paying this fee, you are ensuring that your old products are not going into landfill and help save the environment.