Preparing your family for Bushfires

Dealing with a natural disaster can be a stressful experience for anyone. 

Children are particularly vulnerable, and the increased media coverage and discussion in the community, schools and at home about fires can raise their alarm. Planning for and talking to your children about bushfires can help them cope and feel safe should you or your home come under threat this summer.


Things you should know during a bushfire

Preparing children for the threat of bushfires

These information sheets have been produced by the Australian Psychology Society.

This first information sheet helps parents and carers to help children to be aware of the threats, but also reassure them that they are safe and secure.

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This second information sheet provides ways of assisting parents and carers to help children psychologically prepare for bushfires. It outlines three steps to become psychologically prepared.

Once you have learnt how to be psychologically prepared yourself, you can help children to learn the skills too.

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