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Water Restrictions
Voluntary level 1 water restrictions are in place

Low-level water restrictions will come into effect across the Singleton local government area, after Councillors adopted voluntary Level 1 conditions at a special meeting held Monday 15 October 2018.

Council’s water supply is designed to be secure, but there will be times when Council is forced to restrict water usage to preserve the supply to meet essential needs. Prolonged periods of drought conditions is one of those times.

The restrictions have been adopted on a voluntary basis in line with industry-accepted practices to conserve water in times of drought, and prolong the availability of water until water supply conditions change. The restrictions will remain in place until significant rainfalls are received in the area.

During these voluntary measures it is important that the community look for ways to conserve water in and around their property and be prepared if tougher restrictions are required.

What it means to customers and the community?

Detailed information on the Level One Restrictions can be found in the additional information links below, but generally for residential properties, low-level or level one, restrictions mean:

  • Watering of lawns by watering systems, microsprays, drip systems, soaker hoses, non fixed sprinklers and hand-held hoses only may occur between 6pm and 9am during summer
  • Watering of residential gardens by watering systems, microsprays, drip systems, soaker hoses, non fixed sprinklers and hand-held hoses only may occur between 6pm and 9am during summer
  • Topping up or filling of garden water features is permitted
  • Irrigation of new turf is permitted for one week after laying, after which level 1 restriction on watering lawns applies
  • Washing down of walls or paved surfaces is not permitted
  • Washing cars at home is permitted with bucket and rinse with a trigger hose on the lawn at any time.

Water supply triggers and current storage levels

Council’s waters supply and drought management plan is driven by defined triggers based on consumption, storage and weather. Council has a Singleton Drought Management and Emergency Response Plan that details how Council will manage Singleton's water supply during periods of drought and details these triggers.

Currently there is no immediate threat to our water supply and no penalties apply as a result of the low level water restrictions across Singleton’s local government area. To view the current storage level of Glennies Creek Dam, see NSW Government Water Information.

Additional information
Information relating to Council's adopted water wise rules and water saving tips around the home can be found by clicking the links, or in the Water and Sewer Group - Customer Service Plan available on the website.

Other related documents are;

 Coming soon are:
  • Water Restriction - Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Water Wise Rules - Information Flyer

For further information on water restrictions contact Singleton Council Customer Service Team on 02 6578 7290.

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Ph: 02 6578 7290