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Food safety & compliance
Food business notification

Food business notification

Notification of food businesses allows the NSW Food Authority to contact businesses with critical information regarding food recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks. Businesses that do not notify the NSW Food Authority of their food activity details may be issued with a penalty notice. There are some exemptions for not-for profit fundraising events and businesses that hold a current NSW Food Authority licence.

Food complaints

Food complaints

Complaints are a key way for Council to find out about food safety and compliance problems. Issues which may be investigated include food poisoning, foreign matter in food, misleading or incomplete labelling, illegal sales or serving of food, incorrect or unhygienic food handling/ storage/ transport/preparation, spoilage of packaged or fresh food and unsuitable or unsafe ingredients.

Construction requirements

Food premises design

The correct design, construction and fit-out of food premises can facilitate safe food production and assist in providing facilities that are easy to clean and maintain.


Food premises enforcement

The promotion of food safety is a key priority for Council. There are a number of tools available to Council to enforce food safety and compliance under food laws, including warning letters, improvement notices, prohibition orders, seizure notices, penalty notices and prosecution.

Food premises inspection

Food premises inspection and fees

Food businesses within the Singleton Local Government Area are regularly inspected to help prevent foodborne illnesses and ensure compliance with food standards and laws.

Food safety supervisor

Food safety supervisor

Food laws in NSW require certain food businesses in the hospitality and retail food service sector to appoint at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). Find out whether your business needs to have a designated FSS.

Manufacturing food from home

Manufacturing foods from home

If you are thinking of manufacturing food from home for sale, be aware of your development approval and food premises registration requirements.

Mobile food vending vehicles

Mobile food vending vehicles

A mobile food vending vehicle is, 'any means of transport, whether self-propelled or not, or otherwise designed to be movable, which is used for selling food, whether on land, sea or air’ and must be registered as a food premises with Council and the NSW Food Authority.

Name and Shame register

Name & Shame Register

Find out about the NSW Food Authority's Name and Shame Register, an initiative to give consumers more information to make decisions about where they eat or buy food.

Scores on doors

Scores on doors

Scores on Doors offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to show customers just how seriously they take food hygiene and the results they have achieved by displaying a rating certificate on their door.

Temporary food premises

Temporary food premises

The public is entitled to expect the same diligence and regard for hygiene from temporary food premises (demountable stalls, open stands and the like), that permanent operating premises would afford. Find information on basic construction requirements, how to maintain food safety at an event and relevant legal obligations for temporary food premises.

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