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Road naming
Why do we name roads?
Road and address locality names are important navigation tools; not only for residents but for emergency services and mapping services. Council is the road naming authority for all roads in the Local Government Area including, local and regional roads, pathways and cycleways, private roads and accessways, and excepting classified Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) controlled roads like the New England Highway.

How are roads named in Singleton?
Council maintains a list of names suitable for the naming of new roads. This list also contains detailed notes relating to the significance of the name and where it is appropriate to use the name.

When a new road is created an appropriate name is selected from the list. Council then advertises its intention to use this name in the local paper. If no objections to the use of the name are received, Council adopts the name for use and publishes a notice in the NSW Government Gazette.

How are roads renamed?
Roads may need to be renamed if development or new traffic control measures cause the need to close part of the road. When a road is divided in two, one section of the road is renamed and numbered according to the principles of the NSW Road Naming Policy (2013).

Residents may also petition Council to change the name of an existing road or name a previously unnamed road which their property accesses the public road network from. In this case Council also informs residents affected by the road name proposal and invites submissions on the appropriateness of the name. If no submissions are received, Council adopts the name for use and publishes a notice in the NSW Government Gazette.

How do I ask for a road name change or submit a new name for Council road name list?
Name proposals need to submitted to Council in writing. All submissions need to contain the following information:
  • Name;
  • Significance of the name; and
  • Where it would be appropriate to use this name.

Submissions can be emailed, or alternatively, posted to:

The General Manager
Singleton Council
PO Box 314

Where can I find more information about road naming?

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290