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Branxton Subregion Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan
The Branxton Subregion - Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan (BSLUS) contains objectives, policies and strategic actions for the Branxton Subregional Study Area. It also provides a broad structure plan and land release program for the subregion.

In addition to the BSLUS, the Branxton Town Centre Masterplan was developed to identify civil works to be undertaken within the Branxton Town Centre public domain and inform planning controls for the Branxton Town Centre.

The BSLUS and masterplan were prepared by City Plan Services Pty Ltd on behalf of the NSW Department of Planning and EnvironmentCessnock City Council and Singleton Council.

The BSLUS is referenced by Singleton Council, Cessnock City Council and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment when evaluating requests to amend the local environmental plans applying to the land.

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