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Photos of Singleton : a Pandemic Time Capsule

  1. Help us document Singleton's response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
    We have been forced to reinvent the way we go about our daily lives. We are working, shopping, teaching, studying, socialising and creating differently. Singleton Public Library is making an effort to collect an archive of Singleton’s experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. Contemporary accounts by everyday people will help future historians make sense of this unprecedented event. We are collecting the history of the future.
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    By submitting your image, you agree to waive copyright, with the understanding that it will be made available to the community for historical purposes and may be used for marketing and displays.
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    1. Photos deemed unsuitable will be at the discretion of Singleton Public Library 2. The text accompanying your photo may be edited. 3. By submitting/donating your photograph, you are giving permission to Singleton Public Library to add your photo to our archives & local history collection and use in the future for purposes such displays and marketing.
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