Who do I contact?
Contact Information
For pest animal control adviceHunter Local Land Service
1300 795 299
Report pest animals on Council landSingleton Council(02) 6578 7290
Other invasive animal enquiries or to report declared pest animalsHunter Local Land Service1300 795 299
Report unusual animal sightingsDepartment of Primary Industries1800 680 244
Stray Cats and DogsSingleton Council(02) 6578 7290
Insect and Rodent pestsFor insect pests please contact a local pest management contractor*
Bees on Council land posing a threat to safetySingleton Council(02) 6578 7290
Bees on Private landAmateur Beekeeper Association NSW*Find a Beekeeper

*Singleton Council takes no liabilities in works carried out by other parties

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1. What are pest animals?
2. Who is responsible for pest animals?
3. Who do I contact?