What is an Overgrown Property?

For a property to be considered 'overgrown', it must meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • The property must be located in a residential zone. As a general rule, Council will not respond to customer requests where the property is located in a rural or semi-rural zone or classified under Environmental Protection.
  • The property must be confirmed to be home to vermin likely to create unsafe or unhealthy conditions. Vermin does not include any native fauna. Evidence of vermin can include:
    • Rodent sightings
    • Faeces
    • Nests
    • Runs
    • Eggs
  • The vegetation in question must be more than 600mm (approximately) in height and cover a significant portion of the property
  • The overgrowth has been determined by the Rural Fire Service or Fire and Rescue NSW as posing a bushfire hazard.

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