Can I burn any time of the year?

No. Open burning in the Singleton LGA is permitted only in the following circumstances:

  • On parcels of land not less than 4000 square metres and zoned RU1, RU2, RU3, RU5 and R5 on which the vegetation grew (*subject to conditions)
  • As part of an agricultural operation (eg: burning stubble, orchard prunings, diseased crops, weeds or pest animal habitats, pasture for regenerative purposes or any other legitimate agricultural activity)
  • For cooking or barbecuing
  • To conduct a fire for recreational purposes (eg: camping, scouting, and picnicing)
  • To conduct training in methods of firefighting by an authorised person
  • In a licensed incinerator meeting the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority
  • To carry out bush fire hazard reduction work under the Rural Fires Act 1997
  • To burn an animal that has died or is suspected to have died of a disease proclaimed under the Stock Diseases Act 1923 or the Exotic Diseases of Animals Act 1991
  • A permit must be obtained where a fire is likely to be dangerous to any building on the land. During the Statutory Fire Danger Period (Generally 1 October - 31 March) fires are not permitted unless a Permit has been obtained from the NSW Rural Fire Service.
  • Approval to burn does not apply during proclaimed ‘No burn Days’, ‘Total Fire Ban’ declarations or when the Fire Danger Rating is ‘Very High’ or above.

Approval to burn in the open during the Statutory Bush Fire Danger Period is subject to a permit from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and any additional conditions contained in the permit.

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