How will Council resource it?

The long-term aspirations of the community cannot be achieved without the planning and provision of sufficient resources such as time, money, assets and people. The Resourcing Strategy details how Council intends to manage these resources over the long term as it delivers the strategies and actions detailed in the Delivery Program and the Operational Plan.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three key components. These three components provide the evidence for Council and the community to understand the constraints and opportunities it must work within to deliver the objectives of the Singleton Community Strategic Plan.

The three components of the Resourcing Strategy are:

  • Long Term Financial Plan
    The Long Term Financial Plan (10 years) ensures Council has analysed and planned the financial resources required to manage its assets, infrastructure and operations over the next ten years as our community moves towards the strategies outlined in the Singleton Community Strategic Plan.

    In particular, it focuses on how Council will manage its finances to implement the Four-Year Delivery Program and the annual Operational Plan. Given the future is unknown, it presents a series of scenarios and outlines the assumptions that underpin the financial planning. The Long Term Financial Plan will be reviewed and updated regularly as part of the quarterly reporting process.

  • Workforce Management Plan - Our People Strategy
    Workforce Management Planning - The Workforce Management Strategy (4 years) details how human resourcing will be managed to implement the Four-Year Delivery Program and Annual Operational Plan. The Strategy deals with both labour supply arrangements and human resource management actions. It analyses the current environment and outlines broad strategies that Council will implement to manage potential risks and gaps.

  • Asset Management Plan
    The Asset Management Strategy (10 years) and Asset Management Plans detail the actions necessary for Council to understand and improve its asset management capability, to project asset related resource requirements and to set time frames for key asset maintenance and replacement activities.

    It provides details of our key assets, current assessment of service levels and our risk management approach associated with these assets. It is a comprehensive picture of the state of our assets and the future management requirement.

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1. How will Council resource it?
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