How do I register a 'regulated system' with Council?

Owners or occupiers of premises with water cooling systems, and hospital warm water systems installed must notify and register with Council.

New systems can be notified to council on the notification form. This form can also be utilised if you need to update your details with Council's register.

Singleton Council conducts annual inspections of all cooling towers to ensure they are meeting their legislative requirements.
This inspection involves: 

  • Reviewing on-site manuals and maintenance records;
  • Confirming certification of the process designed to control microbial control;
  • Examination of physical condition of the cooling tower; and
  • Taking samples if required.

Council officers will review and record all information submitted in the Register of Regulated Systems and may undertake individual site inspections. 

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1. How do I register a 'regulated system' with Council?
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