Bulga Deferred Matter

In 2013, Singleton Council adopted the Singleton Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 as the principal LEP for the local government area. During this process, the Bulga area (below) was deferred from inclusion at the time to allow further strategic planning work to take place. This meant that the Singleton LEP 1996 has continued to apply to the Bulga Deferred Matter area. 

This strategic planning work has been finalised and Council has progressed a planning proposal to bring the deferred matter area into Council’s principal LEP. In March 2021, the Council resolved to forward the planning proposal to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for finalisation, and to allow a 24-month delayed notification of the plan. The delayed notification allows landowners in the Bulga Deferred Matter area to formalise development under the SLEP 1996 which will become prohibited under the SLEP 2013. 

The Bulga Deferred Matter area will be incorporated into the SLEP 2013 in November 2023. For development to be assessed under the Singleton LEP 1996, a development application must be lodged and fully determined before November 2023 otherwise the proposed development may become prohibited development. 

Depending on the type of proposal and to allow adequate time for assessment and finalisation of development applications, it is anticipated that Council will not accept development applications pursuant to the Singleton LEP 1996 in the Bulga Deferred Matter area after June 2023. Landowners in the Bulga Deferred Matter area are encouraged to liaise early with Council staff to ensure that sufficient time is provided for assessment and finalisation of proposals.  

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact Council’s strategic planning team on T 02 6578 7290.

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Bulga Deferred Matter site