Community Forum

Community Forums are an opportunity for members of our community to voice their opinions or ideas to Councillors and senior Council staff on any topic relevant to Council or the Singleton Local Government Area.

Matters raised by our community will help inform Council’s decision-making process and may include items:

  • For information
  • For consideration
  • To highlight a concern
  • To provide positive or negative feedback.

The purpose of holding Community Forums is to:

  • Inform Council by providing a platform for people who live, work, own property or have an interest in the area to regularly communicate face to face with Council.
  • Enhance Council’s decision-making process and promote the objectives of open transparent governance.

Upcoming Community Forums
Community Forums commence at 5.30pm and are held in the Council Chambers.

  • Tuesday, 5 September 2023
  • Tuesday, 28 November 2023
  • Tuesday, 27 February 2024
  • Tuesday, 28 May 2024
  • Tuesday, 27 August 2024
  • Tuesday, 26 November 2024

Community Forum Guidelines
The Community Forum Guidelines and associated Conduct Rules detail how Community Forums will be run.  Any individual lodging a request to speak at a Community Forum must accept that they have read and understood the guidelines and associated rules. 

Apply to speak at a Community Forum
To apply to speak at a Community Forum you must complete a Community Forum Request Form.  Should you require assistance in completing a request please contact Council on (02) 6578 7290 or call into our Customer Service Centre.

Note each forum is limited to one hour and six speakers. Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of five (5) minutes.  Speakers will be prioritised in order of receipt of applications. Should all six allocations already be filled, and the number of speakers is unable to be increased in accordance with the Conduct Rules, any further speakers will be deferred until the next available forum.

Request forms must be submitted by 4.30pm on the Friday prior to the Community Forum.

Community Forum Request Form