Draft Singleton Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

On display until 23 March 2023, 12:00 AM

At Council’s Ordinary Meeting held on 20 December 2022, Council resolved to place the draft Singleton Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan on public exhibition for a period of 90 days and public notice be provided of the intention to adopt the draft study and plan subject to consideration of submissions received.

The plan aims to derive an appropriate mix of management measures and strategies to effectively manage flood risk in accordance with the NSW Government’s Floodplain Development Manual (NSW Government, 2005) and allow for more informed flood risk management and planning decisions within the Singleton township and broader floodplain area. 

The Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, including the Flood Study, is presented in three volumes:

  • Volume 1: Flood Study: Documents the data collection and review, hydrologic and hydraulic model development and calibration, and design flood results.
  • Volume 2: Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan: Documents the flood risk within the study area, identification and assessment of flood mitigation measures considered for Singleton, leading to recommendations for implementation of preferred measures as part of the Floodplain Risk Management Plan.
  • Volume 3: Flood Mapping: Contains all flood mapping prepared as part of this Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan. *Please note due to the size of the document, only a table of contents is available for download. Maps are available in hard copy format at Singleton Council's Administration Building during business hours. 

The draft Singleton Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan is also available for viewing at Council’s Customer Service Centre (Volume 1, 2 and 3) and Public Library (Volume 1, 2 only) until 23 March 2023.

Submissions should be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager, Singleton Council PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330 or sent via email to E council@singleton.nsw.gov.au prior to 4.30pm 23 March 2023.

Enquiries can be made to Council’s Coordinator Engineering Services Sam Masoomi on T 02 6578 7290.

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