Fund set to unlock economic potential of Singleton


A new approach to the way Singleton Council uses Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA) to support the local community and the economy has been designed to assist ensuring the future of the Singleton local government area by promoting social capital, economic growth and prosperity.

The draft Community and Economic Development Fund Policy, currently open for community feedback, outlines a new and exciting way for the expenditure of funds from VPAs in partnership with mining companies to address challenges and help build diversity in the local economy.

It also targets VPA funds to foster innovation, support and grow jobs, increase business profitability, improve living standards and promote the health and wellbeing for the people of the Singleton local government area.

General Manager Jason Linnane said the fund signalled a move away from the “here and now” approach to VPAs, towards a longer-term view to support the community.

“The draft Community and Economic Development Fund Policy outlines a smarter way to manage VPA monies to proactively and strategically boost a range of sectors across our LGA,” he said.

“Working alongside the Socio-Economic Development Strategy currently in development, the fund will provide the strategic direction and financial backing to ensure efficient and effective use of resources to improve prosperity in Singleton.

“It’s important that we spend the right money in the right places at the right time — and what this fund does is ensure there’s money in the bank to be spent on programs, infrastructure and projects needed to support positive growth.”

Mr Linnane said it was important to note that the policy also focused on improving the social, health and wellbeing of the community.

“The fund provides a mechanism to bring to life a range of actions that help address a range of issues in our community, both social and economic,” he said.

“These actions are aligned with the growing community sentiment to start planning our transition process away from a one-engine economy.

“With long-term vision, a robust strategy and carefully planned actions, Singleton is in for an exciting period and the Community and Economic Development Fund will assist us to make every opportunity count.”

The draft Community and Economic Development Fund Policy is on exhibition until 26 September 2019. The draft policy is available for download at and submissions should be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager, Singleton Council via post to PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330 or email to

Submissions received will be considered in a report to Council on Monday ­­­­­18 November 2019.