Free Camping Spots

Free camping is just as it sounds: a free area or rest stop where it’s legal to camp. Don’t spend the night in an undesignated area as you may well be fined.

If you want to give free camping a try, there is a handful of simple guidelines to adhere to. Although free camping is easier if you are completely self-contained, the reality is there are plenty of travellers who aren’t, and they shouldn’t be excluded. Some free camping spots will have toilets and occasionally a cold shower, but most will be roadside stops suitable for pulling in overnight and leaving the next morning. Because of this, everyone using these sites need to be prepared to take all their rubbish with them if no bins are provided.

As for etiquette, be mindful of leaving room for other travellers, and keep truck bays at roadside rest areas clear for truckies to use, no matter the time.

Toilets available

Toilets, dump point, playground and BBQ facilities available

Toilets, playground, tennis court and BBQ facilities available