Plastic not so fantastic this plastic free july

Singleton Council is once again part of the worldwide movement Plastic Free July and is encouraging the community to re-think the use of unnecessary disposable plastic items.

Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore said the Plastic Free July movement was the perfect opportunity for everyone to consider their use of single-use plastic items and swap them for more sustainable options.

“Our community told us that a commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint is important to them, which has been demonstrated in the way our residents have embraced waste initiatives such as the Plastic Police Program, Burragan Recycling Shop and the Garden Organics collection,” she said.

“Disposable plastic water bottles, straws, takeaway coffee cups and plastic bags are used for only a few minutes and then thrown away, yet are made of materials designed to last forever.

“It’s a great lead-in to Council’s Plastic Free Initiative, which helps everyone to re-think simple everyday decisions by being more conscious while shopping, eating and drinking, on your way to work or while out and about even after July is over.

“We can all do our bit to cut down on the plastic we use every day, and stop the over-production of plastic materials and the volume that enters our environment.

“This July, take the pledge by swapping disposable items for reusable ones to help end plastic pollution.”


  • Replace clingfilm with beeswax wraps, compostable parchment paper or recyclable foil
  • Swap plastic balloons for bunting at your next party
  • Be aware of packaging – try to buy unwrapped fruit, vegetables and bread where possible
  • Ditch the straw or plastic stirrer when you’re out and about
  • Ask for an ice cream in a cone instead of a plastic tub

To find out more about Plastic Free July and tips on reducing plastic consumption, visit or take the pledge at