Singleton leads the way in safety

An innovative program to get Singleton Council staff actively involved in safety in the workplace has been recognised as industry-leading at the Local Government Professional Association Conference Excellence Awards in Sydney last night.

Safety Survivor ran during Safe Work Month in October last year, and encouraged all staff to channel their adventurous side to take a range of “safety challenges” in keeping with a Survivor theme.

Teams were awarded points with the two leading teams facing off in a Safety Survivor Grand Finale with challenges including identifying hazards and dressing up in proper PPE.

The concept was dreamed up by Council’s Integrated Risk Management team, with some help from other business units across the organisation and of course, Council’s very own “Wilson”.

General Manager Jason Linnane said he was extremely proud to be at the ceremony with the Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore and the members of staff who put the program together to accept the award for the People and Culture Award (population under 60,000).

“I’ve always said that as the general manager of Singleton Council, my number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of the people who come in to work for our community every day,” he said.

“We are fortunate to have a dedicated and innovative Integrated Risk Management team who are proactive in promoting safety in the workplace and, thanks to initiatives such as Safety Survivor, means our people are actively putting their own safety and the safety of their colleagues first when they are out on the job.

“And it’s not just our physical safety and wellbeing – we’re also working on initiatives to support our mental wellbeing at work as well.

“Our goal is to make Singleton Council the safest and most supportive work environment for our staff, but having such a diverse workforce is a challenge.

“Programs such as Safety Survivor also work to bring all members of staff together, regardless of their role, to reinforce the importance of the work we all do to create community for the people of Singleton.”