MAYORAL COLUMN - 12 June 2019

It’s been a week of highs and lows for everyone in our community, punctuated most pertinently by the senseless vandalism attack on Sedgefield Cemetery.

What motivated anyone to commit an act like this is simply beyond comprehension. What is understandable is the distress felt by those families affected by the attack, and disgust at the blatant disrespect for those laid to rest in our area and the people who grieve for them.

But if there is to be a silver lining to this deplorable incident, it’s the way our community came together to support each other and to send a clear message that these kinds of acts are not acceptable.

Almost as soon as the NSW Police reported the incident, there were people in our community looking for ways to help – either by offering emotional support or practical assistance such as donations to help cover the costs of repairs.

I thank everyone who has donated to the Mayoral Fund for their generosity and consideration of others, and hope the perpetrators of this act, and anyone who commits vandalism against our community, gets the message loud and clear that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

In a stark contrast, the annual Volunteers Luncheon was held in Singleton Library on Thursday to celebrate the people who give their time in support of their community, and who make Council’s operations possible.

Most visible are those in the Library, who do things such as pick out books for readers who can’t make it in (male authors preferred with no swearing seem to be common requests) and be part of our Book Week programs, performing in front of school children for weeks on end.

Council said thank you with a special lunch cooked and served by Council’s Library staff – including former Branxton local Lee Croucher – to about 30 people who have assisted them over the past year.

I also wish to add my appreciation for your hard work and dedication to helping make our community a better place, knowing that with people like you among us, no amount of vandalism can crush our community spirit.