Community encouraged to be part of eventful occasion with date set for singleton's bicentennial commemoration 

The Singleton Bicentennial Commemorative Working Group has locked in the weekend of Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March 2020 for a program of events to mark 200 years since the proclamation of St Patrick’s Plains.

A formal dinner and community festival in the Civic Centre precinct on Saturday 14 March are so far headlining preparations for Back to Singleton 2020, with a host of other ideas based on suggestions from the community also under discussion.

Mayor of Singleton and committee chairperson, Cr Sue Moore said the committee was also looking to the community to hold their own commemorations, particularly in Singleton’s historic villages.

An event prospectus will be developed with more information and tips for potential event organisers.

“Our vision is for a program of events over the weekend and throughout the year for everyone in our community to get involved, and not just in the Singleton town centre but in all of our historic villages,” Cr Moore said.

“It might be sporting clubs hosting a home game that weekend, a concert or performance, or historical displays. We’d also love businesses to get into the spirit and pubs and clubs to think about a historical theme for their entertainment.

“With a little less than a year until March 2020, we’re encouraging community groups, venues and businesses to start planning their own events for Back to Singleton 2020 and letting us know at Council so we can include it in our event program and promotion.”

Cr Moore said people could also host events such as family or school reunions.

The involvement of schools across the local government area was also pivotal for the committee, as an opportunity to teach children about the Aboriginal and European history of Singleton and the real story of the settlement of the township.

Singleton Library will lead a special commemoration project and will be in contact with schools.

“Singleton has a rich culture as the home of the Wonaruah people and for the role it played in the colonisation of New South Wales and Australia,” Cr Moore said.

“The bicentennial may mark the 200th anniversary since John Howe and his exploration party, which included two Aboriginal trackers, arrived at Whittingham on 15 March 1820, but this commemoration is about bringing everyone in our community together.

“It’s a great occasion for us all to learn more about each other, for residents to reflect on what they love about where they live and for previous residents to come back and retrace old footsteps.”

Anyone interested in holding an event can contact Council on 02 6578 7290 or email with “bicentennial” in the subject line.