Public Consultation

Public exhibition of a Draft Development Control Plan (DCP) is generally undertaken in the following manner:

  • Notification in a newspaper that circulates in the area affected by the DCP amendment proposal
  • Notification on Council's website
  • Notification in writing to adjoining and adjacent landowners, unless the planning authority is of the opinion that the number of landowners makes it impractical to notify them.

Council can undertake additional consultation if this is deemed appropriate or necessary. This may include, but is not limited to, broad consultation by letter, workshops or public forum(s).

During the exhibition period, the following material must be made available for inspection:

  • The Draft DCP, in the form approved for community consultation
  • The relevant associated Local Environmental Plan (LEP) or deemed environmental planning instrument

If you would like to make a submission on an exhibited Draft DCP, your submission should include:

  • The name and address of the person(s) making the submission
  • The Council file reference as identified on the exhibition notice
  • A statement on whether the person(s) lodging the submission supports or objects to the Draft DCP; and
  • The reasons for the objection/support.

Submissions must relate to the planning proposal being exhibited and must not contain comments which could be considered or construed as slanderous. They must reach Singleton Council by close of business on the last day of the exhibition period and must be addressed to:

General Manager
Singleton Council
PO Box 314

The community consultation is complete only when Council has considered any submissions made concerning the Draft DCP.

You can view any Draft DCPs currently on exhibition on Council’s exhibition webpage.

Applications for DCP amendments can be monitored using Council’s tracking site.

Where fees are payable to progress the proposal to the next stage in the process, such fees will be identified in the invoice issued by Council. Fees payable are determined in accordance with Council’s adopted fees and charges schedule and must be paid prior to the proposal progressing further.