Draft DCP

Following the initial review of a Development Control Plan (DCP) amendment proposal, Council may prepare a draft DCP and associated explanatory material.

Draft DCPs are required to be prepared in accordance with:

Given the nature of DCPs, time required for preparation of any technical maps; and the need for consistency of structure and alignment of content, it can take sometimes take a while to complete the DCP drafting process. Council’s target timeframe for preparing draft DCP provisions is 60 days from receipt of relevant stage processing fees and sufficient information to enable drafting of the DCP.

The progress of DCP amendment applications can be viewed using Council’s tracking site.

Where fees are payable to progress the proposal to the next stage in the process, such fees will be identified in the invoice issued by Council. Fees payable are determined in accordance with Council’s adopted fees and charges schedule and must be paid prior to the proposal progressing further.