Given the complexity of the Development Control Plan (DCP) amendment process, it is advisable for DCP amendment applications to be prepared by a qualified town planning consultant, although this is not a legal requirement. In order to lodge a proposal to amend the DCP, applicants must:

Applications to amend the DCP should be carried out in accordance with:

As the structure and content of DCPs are predominately determined by Council, it is important to consult with Council early on in the process to ensure the structure and content of proposals align with the approach taken by Council for the DCP.

Applicants can e-mail the amendment request form and associated documents or lodge the application in person at the Council's administration centre.

Application fees may be paid via phone, credit card or cheque. If you are wishing to pay over the phone, please contact Council's Customer Service Team to arrange for payment.

A staged fee system applies to DCP amendment applications. Where fees are payable to progress the proposal to the next stage in the process, such fees will be identified in an invoice issued by Council. Fees payable are determined in accordance with Council’s adopted fees and charges schedule and must be paid prior to the proposal progressing further.

If you need assistance with the lodgement of your application, you can contact Council’s Duty Planner between 8.30am and 12.00pm or Customer Service between 8.30am and 4.30pm. 

Resources to assist in the preparation of a DCP amendment application can be found below.