Planning underway for Singleton's 200 anniversary

The Singleton Bicentennial Commemorative Working Group has met for the first time this afternoon to begin preparations to mark the 200th anniversary of the arrival of John Howe’s exploration to the area we now know as Singleton in March 2020.

Chaired by the Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore, the working group comprises community representatives and Council staff who used their first meeting to raise a host of ideas including a procession, a grand ball, a statue, and a re-enactment of Howe’s arrival along with Ben Singleton.

The working group is also keen to hear from people in the community about what their ideas are ahead of the next meeting later this month. Anyone with a suggestion is encouraged to email Council’s Community Participation Coordinator Claire Briggs at by 24 May 2019.

Cr Moore said she was impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm of everyone on the working group.

Members in attendance at today’s meeting included General Manager Jason Linnane; Pat and Ann Quinn; Peggy Moore; John Flannery; Michael Akrill; Trevor Bates; Sally McTaggart; Ray Robinson; and Council staff Tony Chadwick, Claire Briggs, Natalie Dimmock and Briony O’Hara.

“We have an amazing group of people working together on this project and after our first meeting I have no doubt we have the right people for the job,” she said.

“There have been some fantastic ideas raised as possibilities for our 200th commemorations in March next year, including a procession, a ball, a statue or monument, a musical, and commemorative plaques at significant sites around Singleton.

“But everyone agreed we’d love to see schools and young people get involved to learn about Singleton’s history, and to encourage as much of the community as possible to hold their own bicentennial event whether it’s a sporting event or a trivia night.”

Council staff will now collate all the ideas for the community commemoration to be reviewed at the working group’s next meeting on 27 May. Ideas from the community will also be presented to the meeting to add to the mix.

“If you’ve got an idea or a suggestion for how we can mark this important event, we want to hear it,” Cr Moore said.

“It can be something small or something outlandish – at this stage everything is on the table as we work through a major event or a program of events to reflect Singleton’s history and all that we love about our area.”


Singleton Bicentennial Commemorative Working Group
ABOVE: The Singleton Bicentennial Commemorative Working Group, chaired by the Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore, met for the first time today.