Sewer Connections


If a Customer no longer needs an existing sewer connection or are seeking relocation of a sewer connection, the disconnected service must be cut off and capped by a licensed plumber to prevent water or soil entering the sewerage system.

Plumbers must ensure the connection pipe is cut off as deep in the ground as practical to avoid being damaged by future landscaping or building works.

Annual fixed sewer access charges will still apply for sewer supply services, as the service remains available, even though they may not necessarily be used.  Further details on your sewer charges can be found here


Council has a pressure sewer system operating at a number of locations across Singleton where gravity sewer is not able to provide sewer services to properties, due to terrain or other constraints.  The Maison Dieu area is connected to a pressure sewer system and services residential and industrial customers.  If the property is within the area serviced by the pressure sewer system, all new development must connect the pressure sewer system to treat its wastewater.

The pressure sewer system involves a ‘grinder pumping unit’ installed on the property discharging the pressure sewer main in the street.  While Council is responsible for the maintenance of these units, they are driven by electricity from the property switchboard, which is the owner’s responsibility together with the house drainage.