Connecting to Council's Water and Sewer Services


Council is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of all metered and unmetered water services connected directly to the water mains with in our supply areas. Council’s responsibility includes all pipes, fixtures and fittings up to and including the water meter.  All pipes, taps and drains on the property that come to the meter are the responsibility of the owner.

To connect to Council’s water supply system take three easy steps:

  • Complete the Water Supply Service Connection Request form and submit to Council

Applications can be submitted via email or in person at Council’s Customer Service Centre. Council will assess the property and connection request and provide written advice on the cost of the connection. 

  • Pay the appropriate fees and charges.

Payment can be made in person or over the phone by visiting or calling Council’s Customer Service Centre on 6578 7290.  A receipt will be issued and advice forwarded to Council’s Water and Sewer Group.

  • Council will connect your service.

Council’s Water and Sewer Group Network Delivery Team will install the water meter and complete the water connection. 

A water service connection will be completed within 20 working days of the date of payment.  The owner will be responsible for all water passing through the meter from the date of installation.  Further details on your water meter can be found here. (here is link to Your Home page).

Once connected, should you discover a leak at the meter or on footpath in front of the property, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre and report the leak immediately.


Council is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all gravity sewer mains and property junctions up to the customers point of connection, plus all pressure sewer units (and their components). All maintenance issues with pipes and fixtures from this point on the property are the responsibility of the owner.

Connection to Council’s sewer is made in accordance with section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW).  If a sewer connection to the property is available, no application needs to be made to Council’s Water and Sewer Group.  However, the associated plumbing approval and inspection, including the fees payable are governed by Council’s Development and Environment Group and are required prior to completing the sewer connection work.

This amount is payable any time throughout development application and/or construction certificate process, once the Notice of Work is ready to be lodged by your plumber or prior to issue of a Complying Development Certificate.  A fee quote can be obtained by contacting Council’s Customer Service Centre.