Principal Certifier


A Principal Certifier must be engaged, by contract, by the person having benefit of the Development Consent, to undertake the following works.

The functions of Principal Certifier for a development are to:

  • Determine an application for a Compliance Certificate
  • Determine an application for an Occupation Certificate
  • Determine an application for, and issue of, a Subdivision Certificate
  • Carry out of inspection under section 22 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and issuing certificates of compliance under that Act.

The Principal Certifier is responsible for the following:

  • Undertaking critical stage inspections of building work in accordance with Section 162A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
  • Administering the conditions of Development Consent
  • Promptly advising the applicant after any relevant inspection of any outstanding work
  • Issuing the applicant with an Occupation Certificate for any building or change of use when the relevant applicant has been lodged.
  • Receiving and investigating any complaints from the public concerning the development
  • Council can fulfill the role of Principal Certifier as can many accredited Private Certifiers

To appoint Council as the Principal Certifier the Appointment of Singleton Council as a Principal Certifier Form is required to be completed and submitted to Council before any work commences.


  • Our certifiers are accredited with Building Professionals Board (BPB) and are subject to the requirements of the current building certification legislation
  • Singleton Council certifiers have access to a diverse range of property information and application history that can assist applicants when lodging a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate
  • Our certifiers work closely with development assessment staff and subdivision engineers. This working relationship is invaluable when working through building construction issues
  • Our certifiers will ensure that minimum building standards and development consent requirements are satisfied
  • Our certifiers provide an efficient and cost effective service
  • Our certifiers are local and will always be available for our community


For further information about the building approval process and choosing a Principal Certifier, please refer to the NSW Building Professionals Board website.