Flood Certificate Applications

If you are planning to develop property that is subject to flooding, you will need to consider how your development can be designed to manage and reduce flood risk.

You can check if your property is flood prone using Council's online mapping tool.

New dwellings and some additions to dwellings on flood prone land are required to be constructed to meet the minimum floor height requirement.  Minimum floor heights are available in the residential area of Camberwell, Broke and Singleton.  You can also apply for a Flood Certificate where your property is located outside of these defined areas and is subject to the 1955 Flood.  The Flood Certificate will give you information on the minimum floor heights requirements.

Following Council's receipt of the Request Form and full payment of the applicable fees, the Flood Certificate will be provided via email within ten (10) working days.

Where a property is subject to flooding but is not necessarily identified on Council's mapping or within the 1955 Flood mapping, additional flood information will be required to be obtained from a suitably qualified consultant and submitted with your application.