Scores on doors Business Guide

Scores on Doors is the NSW food hygiene scoring program that reassures customers about hygiene and food safety standards. Scores rate a food business’s compliance with hygiene and food safety requirements based on the existing, mandatory inspections by Council. Scores are assessed on a standardised checklist – Food Premises Assessment Report (FPAR).

Participation in the program is not legislated, it is voluntary.

Scores on Doors is good for business because:

  • It provides a marketing advantage for businesses that comply with food safety legislation.
  • Displaying a Scores on Doors certificate or sticker can provide a point of difference from competitors. It can see more customers walk through the door.
  • Customers can easily see the business has qualified for a score when they visit. A business with any level of certificate or sticker was free from critical hygiene and food safety issues at the time of the inspection.
  • You can also promote your score on your website and in your marketing.

The Scores on Doors assessment occurs during your normal routine food safety inspections. It just makes the current process more transparent, therefore it does not involve any additional inspections or costs to your business.

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