Onsite Sewage Management Inspections

In accordance with the Council's On-site Sewage Management Strategy, OSSM systems are inspected by Council to determine whether they are functioning satisfactorily. The frequency of inspections is determined on an assessment of risk undertaken by Council. 

High Risk - Inspected once per year;

Medium Risk - Inspected every three years;

Low Risk - Inspected every five or more years; and

Minimal Risk - Self-assessment every 10 years with random Council inspections.

Notification of an inspection of your OSSM will be sent to you approximately two weeks prior to the inspection being conducted. If required, arrangements can be made to conduct the inspection with the owner present. This may be required if the property is usually locked and/or to reduce stress to pets.

If you are selling or buying a property with an OSSM, you may request to have your system inspected by Council by completing a Request for Inspection of an Onsite Sewage Management System form and returning it to Council with the fee. Council will contact the owner to arrange a suitable date and time for the inspection.