Construction certificates


After Development Consent has been given, a Construction Certificate must be obtained before any building work or Civil Works associated with subdivisions can start. The certificate verifies that:

  • The detailed construction plans and specifications of the development are consistent with the Development Consent and complies with the Building Code of Australia.
  • All applicable contributions and fees have been paid.
  • All applicable Development Consent conditions that must be satisfied before a certificate can be issued have been met.

A Construction Certificate can be issued by Council Certifiers or an accredited Private Certifier for general building work, however, Civil Works must be issued by Council’s Certifiers.


The owner of the land or a person acting on behalf of the owner may apply for the Construction Certificate.  A builder or building company cannot be the applicant unless they are the owner of the land.


An application for Construction Certificate can be processed by Council by lodging a completed Construction Certificate Application form with Council or through an accredited Private Certifier.

An application for a Construction Certificate can be made to Council using the following forms:

NOTE: Please note that if Schedule B of your Construction Certificate approval indicates that there are additional details required to be submitted, assessed and approved prior to the slab and/or frame inspections, you will be required to lodge with Council an ‘Additional Details Submission Form’ and pay a minimal fee for this process to occur at least 5 working days prior to these inspections being carried out.

The above mentioned checklists are required to be completed and form part of any application to Council.

A Construction Certificate is a certificate which verifies that work completed in accordance with specified plans and specifications will comply with particular requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation, 2000.

If a Construction Certificate for building works is issued by an accredited Private Certifier, a copy of the certificate, associated plans and specifications must be forwarded to Council within two days after the date of its issue.

Before any building or subdivision work commences a Principal Certifier must be appointed to undertake the roles mandated by the provision of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

At least two days prior to work commencing a Notice of Building Work or Civil Works must be given to the Certifier (Council).


When building work is completed or nearing completion and prior to a Final Inspection and subsequent consideration of an Occupation Certificate, a formal application for an Occupation Certificate is required to be submitted to Council together with any plans/specifications and documentation that remain outstanding or required to be submitted by any Condition of Consent.

After the completion of Civil Works and a satisfactory Work Acceptance Inspection by Council’s Certifier a Completion Certificate for Civil Works will be issued.