About Pest Animals


Pest animals are species of non-native animals that can or do cause damage to agriculture, environmental resources or put human safety at risk. Pests categorised as 'declared' means they have been 'declared as pests' by the NSW government and there are legal requirements to control these species. Under the Local Land Services Act 2013, the NSW government has declared five species of vertebrate pest animals as pests. They are:

  • Rabbits
  • Wild Dogs
  • Feral Pigs
  • Foxes
  • Camels

Other known, but undeclared pest animals, meaning there is no legal requirement to control them, include:

  • Indian Myna birds and Starlings
  • Cats
  • Deer
  • Feral Bees
  • Rodent pests (Mice and Rats)

There are other species that may seem to be a pest, but they are native to Australia and Council has no requirement to control them and it is prohibited to harm them. These include:

  • Kangaroos
  • Flying Foxes
  • Termites

For more information on pests in NSW, visit The Department of Primary Industries Pest Species in NSW.


Under the Local Land Services Act 2013, and the Biosecurity Act 2015 there are imposed obligations to land owners to 'continually suppress and destroy declared pests'. This places responsibility for controlling pest animals with the owner or occupier of land on which they are present.

Local Land Services (LLS) is the regulatory authority on pest animals with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and are responsible for the legislation behind Vertebrate Pest Control. It is the role of LLS to develop community programs, provide advice, assist land managers and participate in on-ground detection and control.


For pest animal control adviceHunter Local Land Service1300 795 299
Report pest animals on Council landSingleton Council(02) 6578 7290
Other invasive animal enquiries or to report declared pest animalsHunter Local Land Service1300 795 299
Report unusual animal sightingsDepartment of Primary Industries1800 680 244
Stray Cats and DogsSingleton Council(02) 6578 7290
Insect and Rodent pestsFor insect pests please contact a local pest management contractor*
Bees on Council land posing a threat to safetySingleton Council(02) 6578 7290
Bees on Private landAmateur Beekeeper Association NSW*Find a Beekeeper

* Singleton Council takes no liabilities for works carried out by other parties