Water Leaks

Customers are responsible for all water that has passed through the water meter, meaning they are also responsible for water leaks that occur on their property from failure of internal water lines or devices.  It is recommended all monitor their water use regularly by reading the water meter. 


To perform a water leak check, turn off all the taps and water using appliances in and around the property.  Then check the water meter.  If the dials on the water meter are moving there could be a water leak.  If you can, take a photo of the meter dials and return 5 or 6 hours later and taking another photo, you can compare the two pictures.

If there is no movement of the dials, there may still be a slow leak.  As the water pressure is at its highest during the evening, follow the same steps above, but read the meter before going to bed.  Do not use any water throughout the night and read the meter again in the morning, before using any water, including the flushing of toilets. If the dials have moved, a water leak is most likely occurring.  To fix this, check all fixtures and fittings or call a licensed plumber.


Water is precious and you are the eyes and ears of our water supply network. Your reporting of a water leak can help reduce water loss and wastage.  Before reporting a leak it is important to identify where the leak is located. 

Call Council immediately on 02 6578 7290 if you see a moderate or major water leak or a leak that is damaging property.

Council is responsible for all water supply system component in the street to your meter, including pipes, valves, hydrants and fittings.
 What the leak looks like determines when and how to report it.  If the water leak is:

A moderate or major burst (water is shooting out of the main with pressure), water is running down the street or causing property damage, report by call Council immediately on 02 6578 7290 during business hours or 02 6572 1400 after hours.

A trickle, puddle or damp ground, report to Council’s Customer Service Centre during business hours on 02 6578 7290 (or submit an online report here. – possible future option)

A leaking hydrant or stop valve, report to Council’s Customer Service Centre during business hours on 02 6578 7290 (or submit an online report here. – possible future option)

Council may have already planned works to repair the leak, to check see the Water and Sewer Infrastructure and Maintenance page for planned maintenance and interruptions and unplanned interruptions schedule for details. (link to appropriate pages)

Council is responsible for maintaining and repairing the water meter, pipes from the street to the water meter.  Common leaks at the meter to report are;

  • Meter tap won’t turn off the water supply
  • Meter tap is leaking
  • Body of the meter is leaking
  • Pipe from the main to the meter is leaking.

Report these issues to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 6578 7290.

Council need clear access to your water meter when repairing leaks.  We are unable to safely repair a meter that is buried or doesn’t have enough clearance from the ground, clearance should be a minimum of 225mm.  We will need your help to clear the area so we can safely work.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all pipes (including internal pipes, garden taps and fittings) from the water meter to the home.

If you are the owner contact a licensed plumber to carry out the appropriate work as your own expense.

If you are a tenant of a rental property contact your agent or the owner immediately.  It is important to follow up and encourage the leak be repaired as soon as possible.  You are responsible for all usage charges, meaning you are paying for the leaking water.

Council will not attend or repair:

  • damage to your water system not caused by us
  • unauthorised connections
  • fire services
  • backflow prevention devices on properties, expect where the device is integrated into the water meter supplied and owned by us.

In these instances you will need to contact a licensed plumber to carry out the appropriate work as your own expense

Other emergency faults include:

  • sewer overflows or suspected blockages
  • sewer issues causing harm or property damage
  • security concerns about our assets and infrastructure (vandalism or break-in to a water reservoir or pump station)

Call Council immediately on 02 6578 7290.