Publications, Plans and Strategies


Alroy Oval Masterplan

Arts + Culture Strategy 2020 - 2030

Asset Management Strategy

Branxton Sub-region Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan 2016

Broke Master Plan 

Broke Community Hub Detailed Masterplan 2017 (DRAFT)         

Bulga Landscape Masterplan 2017 (DRAFT)

Bulga Stock Reserve Plan of Management

Bulga Village Masterplan

Burdekin Park Flying-Fox Camp Management Plan 2018                                         

Burdekin Park Landscape Masterplan 2017                                                            

Burdekin Park Plan of Management 2020                                                  

Community Strategic Plan - 2017-2027

Companion Animals Management Plan 2018

Customer Experience Framework

Customer Experience Strategy 2021 - 2024

Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Strategy


Delivery Program

Disability Access Plan 2017 - 2021 |  2020 update report

Drinking Water Management System (DWMS)

Drought Management and Emergency Response Plan

Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan 2018 - 2021

Flying Fox Management Strategy


Hermitage Road Pokolbin Planning Study 

Heuston Lookout Plan of Management 2007                                                              

Housing and Accommodation Strategy and Action Plan

Howe Park Categorisation Hearing Report

Huntlee Development Control Plan 2013 

Hunter Regional Plan 2036

Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan - IWCM - Volume 1 - Report

Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan - IWCM - Volume 2 - Appendices


James Cook Park - Singleton Track and Field Relocation Concept Plan  

Lake St Clair Master Plan

Lake St Clair Plan of Management

Lifestyle Plan for Older People


Milbrodale Village Masterplan 

Open Space and Recreation Needs Study

Operational Plan

Our Youth: Engaged, Empowered, Included Strategy


Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)


Sedgefield Structure Plan   

Sewerage Supply - Developer Charges Calculations

Sewerage Supply - Developer Charges Calculations - Annexure of DSP

Sewerage Supply - Development Servicing Plan (DSP)

Sewerage System Pump Stations Pipelines and Pressure Sewer Developer Specifications - Design and Construction

Singleton Child Friendly Strategy

Singleton Community Participation Plan – For Development Approvals and Plans for Growth and Change 

Singleton Development Control Plan 2014   

Singleton Development Contributions Plan 2008  

Singleton Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN)

Singleton Gully Parks Plan of Management 2007  

Singleton Landuse Strategy 2008 

Singleton Local Environmental Plan 2013  

 Singleton Local Environmental Plan 1996  (Bulga deferred matter)

Singleton Local Strategic Planning Statement 2041 (LSPS)                                                     

Singleton Multicultural Plan

Singleton Safety Strategy

Singleton Socio-Economic Development Strategy

Singleton Sports Grounds and Riverside Park Plan of Management

Singleton Sports Infrastructure Strategy

Singleton Sustainability Strategy 2019 -2027

Singleton Town Centre Master Plan

Singleton Town Parks Plan of Management    

Singleton Waste Strategy 2013-2033

Singleton Weed Management Strategy

Singleton Village Master Plan

Townhead Park Masterplan 2018 

Transport Asset Management Plan

Upper Hunter Strategic Regional Land Use Plan 

Upper Hunter Workforce Plan Overview Brochure

Upper Hunter Workforce Plan Local Government Areas Summary

Upper Hunter Workforce Action Plan Summary


Villages Place Making Strategy

Village Parks Plan of Management

Village Master Plan - Strategies and Actions

Water Reticulation System Pump Stations and Service Reservoirs Developer Specifications - Design and Construction

Water and Sewer Group - Customer Service Plan

Water and Sewer Group - Customer Service Plan - Appendices

Water Supply - Developer Charges Calculation - Annexure of DSP

Water Technical Supply - Development Servicing Plan (DSP)

Workforce Plan - Our People Strategy