Capital Works Program

Planned Start Date
Planned Finish Date
Initial Budget
Falbrook RoadRehabilitation & Widening - 4.4 to 5.77km from Glennies Creek Road01/11/201828/02/2019$310,000.00Close-Out Phase
Civic Centre ComplexAir Conditioning Unit Replacement01/01/201830/06/2019$500,000.00Close-Out Phase
Irrigation - James Cook Park - Cook 2 FieldIrrigation - James Cook Park - Cook 2 Field01/07/201831/01/2019$50,000.00Close-Out Phase
Major Turf Maintenance - variousMajor Turf Maintenance - various01/07/201828/02/2019$63,000.00Close-Out Phase
Control Valves - Inflow Meter Interfacing with SCADAUpdate existing control valve controls to current technology.11/12/201817/12/2018$8,000.00Close-Out Phase
Control Valves - Improve Control SystemControl Valves - Improve Control System11/12/201817/12/2018$8,000.00Close-Out Phase
Flow Meter Upgrade - Army CampFlow Meter Upgrade - Army Camp01/06/201804/07/2018$8,000.00Close-Out Phase
Flow Meter Upgrade - BayswaterFlow Meter Upgrade - Bayswater01/08/201831/08/2018$8,000.00Close-Out Phase
Flow Meter Upgrade - BrokeFlow Meter Upgrade - Broke01/08/201831/08/2018$8,000.00Close-Out Phase
Bourke Street Odour ControlReplacement of Odour Control Unit at Bourke St Pump Station.
Engaged OdourPro to deliver and install unit.
24/07/201816/11/2018$130,000.00Close-Out Phase
Rural Roads ResealingRefer Sheet Rural Reseal Program01/08/201828/02/2019$500,000.00Completed
Re-sheetingUnsealed roads01/08/201830/06/2019$284,887.00Completed
Glendonbrook RoadRehabilitation - 13.74 to 14.60 km01/07/201715/03/2019$1,036,000.00Completed
Regional Roads ResealingRefer Sheet Regional Reseal Program01/09/201830/04/2019$250,000.00Completed
SRLM Truck WashUpgrade - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201801/02/2019$350,000.00Completed
Glen Oak AccessRehabilitation - 0.0 to 0.86km from New England Highway01/09/201831/01/2019$130,000.00Completed
Ryan AvenueAC Repair - Putty Intersection to John St01/07/201801/10/2018$100,675.00Completed
Urban Roads ResealingRefer Sheet Urban Reseal Program25/03/201930/05/2019$150,000.00Completed
Mirannie RoadBridge Deck Replacement01/09/201801/11/2018$130,000.00Completed
Brisbane StreetInstallation of New Kerb and Gutter01/07/201815/03/2019$100,000.00Completed
Bourke StreetBourke Street - Elizabeth Street - Macquarie Street01/07/201821/12/2018$7,500.00Completed
Bathurst StreetBathurst Street - York Street - William Street01/07/201821/12/2018$6,000.00Completed
Wynyard StreetWynyard Street - Church Street - Bathurst Street (west side)01/07/201821/12/2018$5,000.00Completed
Allan Bull ReserveAllan Bull Reserve - Acacia Circuit - Casey Drive01/07/201801/02/2019$102,000.00Completed
York Street LanewaySurface Renewal - Ashpalt01/01/201803/12/2018$25,612.00Completed
Goorangoola RoadSafety Improvement - Guardrail 12km from Bridgman Road01/01/201813/02/2019$40,000.00Completed
Bridgman RoadShared Pathway - Allan Bull to Bridgman Road01/07/201830/06/2019$25,000.00Completed
Goulburn & Bishopgate Streets IntersectionReplace pits & pipes01/07/201801/03/2019$51,000.00Completed
Church & York Street IntersectionReplace pits, pipes & relining01/07/201815/03/2019$50,000.00Completed
Church Street - between Castlereah Street & Pitt Street (replace pits & pipes)Church Street - between Castlereah Street & Pitt Street (replace pits & pipes)01/07/201801/02/2019$75,000.00Completed
Brokenback RdNear 91 Brokenback Road - Pipe repairs01/07/201801/05/2019$110,000.00Completed
Pictons Lane0.0 to 0.67 (Sealing of unsealed road 6 on 7) - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201830/04/2019$194,000.00Completed
Jerrys Plains RV Dump PointJerrys Plains RV Dump Point - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201821/12/2018$55,000.00Completed
Lake St Clair GarageLake St Clair Garage - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201801/12/2018$35,000.00Completed
Colleen Gale SoftfallTo replace the 3 areas of the play space with new softfall01/07/201814/12/2018$40,000.00Completed
Singleton Heights Squash CentreCourt Repairs01/01/201813/12/2018$15,000.00Completed
Auditorium - Civic Centre (Grease trap - Includes funds from Sound System)Auditorium - Civic Centre (Grease trap - Includes funds from Sound System)01/01/201817/09/2018$30,000.00Completed
Auditorium - Civic Centre (Replacing lighting - LED upgrade)Auditorium - Civic Centre (Replacing lighting - LED upgrade)01/01/201830/06/2019$15,000.00Completed
Youth VenueSliding Door - disabled access01/01/201830/06/2019$20,000.00Completed
Administration BuildingExecutive Assistants relocation01/01/201830/10/2018$10,000.00Completed
Albion Park PlaygroundAlbion Park Playground01/07/201817/12/2018$20,000.00Completed
Treated Effluent Reuse Irrigation (Pre-feasibility study)Treated Effluent Reuse Irrigation (Pre-feasibility study)04/09/201830/04/2019$255,000.00Completed
Bulga Recreation Grounds - Bollards and FencingBulga Recreation Grounds - Bollards and Fencing

Market StreetMarket Street - George Street - Bishopgate Street01/07/201830/06/2019$8,500.00Not Due to Start
Traffic Flow Study - B Double - Chlorine Delivery Issues (Pre-feas)Traffic Flow Study - B Double - Chlorine Delivery Issues (Pre-feas)01/05/201928/06/2019$35,000.00Not Due to Start
Deep Sewer RepairsDeep Sewer Repairs01/08/201807/06/2019$64,500.00Not Due to Start
Minimbah Drive New Reservoir - Technical Specification Development.Minimbah Drive New Reservoir - Technical Specification development. Construction to occur in 2019-20.27/09/201830/06/2019$1,200,000.00Not Due to Start
York StreetGeorge St to Sussex St Pavement rehab - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201830/06/2019$495,000.00Not On Track
Greenwood AvenueDrainage - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201830/06/2019$20,000.00Not On Track
Bowden StreetBowden Street - Carry Over from FY17/1822/04/201930/06/2019$34,729.00Not On Track
Bulga Recreation Ground - VPA WorksBulga Recreation Playground works - VPA Works01/07/201830/06/2019$0.00Not On Track
Townhead Park PlaygroundTownhead Park Playground

$350,000.00Not On Track
Water and Sewer Infrastructure Security UpgradeInstallation and upgrade of all security measures for critical water and sewer infrastructure.28/01/201928/06/2019
Not On Track
Animal Management FacilityAnimal Management Facility01/01/201813/12/2018$1,671,000.00Not Started - Delayed
Saleyard Kiosk - Agent & Staff Building (Upgrade and refurbishment)Saleyard Kiosk - Agent & Staff Building (Upgrade and refurbishment)01/01/201816/09/2019$400,000.00Not Started - Delayed
Carrowbrook RoadCauseway Replacement CH25.95101/07/201830/06/2019$139,463.00Not Started - Delayed
Broke VPA Works (Skate Park & Tree Planting)Broke VPA Works (Skate Park & Tree Planting)01/07/201830/08/2019$0.00Not Started - Delayed
Brookers BridgeBridge Upgrade02/07/201813/12/2019$250,000.00On Track
Rose Point Park All Abilities Playground Stages 6 - 1101/07/201830/06/2019$879,820.00On Track
Riverside ParkRiverside Park01/07/201831/12/2018$2,076,622.00On Track
Lemington RoadRehabilitatoin - 15.8 to 16.39km from New England Highway01/12/201830/06/2019$225,000.00On Track
Goorangoola RoadRehabilitation - 2.3 to 2.8km from Bridgman Road01/09/201731/07/2019$565,000.00On Track
Kelso StreetBathurst Street to Edward Street - Drainage, K&G & Rehabilitation01/07/201830/06/2019$120,000.00On Track
Stanhope RoadStanhope Road01/07/201828/06/2019$297,000.00On Track
Milbrodale RoadSafety Improvement - 12.8km Delineation & Guardrail01/01/201801/04/2019$285,000.00On Track
Broke -Cessnock RoadSafety Improvement - 11.3km Delineation & Guardrail01/07/201801/04/2019$185,000.00On Track
SES BuildingSES Building01/01/201830/09/2019$310,000.00On Track
RFS BuildingGoorangoola01/01/201830/06/2019$400,000.00On Track
RFS BuildingMt Royal01/01/201830/06/2019$400,000.00On Track
Middle Falbrook RoadRehab. 5.63 to 6.33km from Glennies Creek Road01/04/201930/06/2019$135,000.00On Track
Wand RoadRehab. 0.558 to 0.673km from Mirannie Road18/03/201930/06/2019$100,000.00On Track
Wand RoadSealing of Unsealed. 0.0 to 0.558km from Mirannie Road01/03/201930/06/2019$150,000.00On Track
Hamiltons Crossing RoadSealing of Unsealed - 0.0 to 0.3km from Mirannie Road01/03/201930/06/2019$100,000.00On Track
Myall Creek RoadCauseway Replacement CH10.95101/11/201831/05/2019$100,000.00On Track
Westbrook RoadCauseway Replacement CH11.73101/11/201831/05/2019$95,000.00On Track
Maintenance of low maintained roadMaintenance of low maintained road01/07/201830/05/2019$100,000.00On Track
Gardner CircuitSafety Improvement - 2.75km Deliniation & 2 Mini Roundabouts01/07/201830/06/2019$75,000.00On Track
Glendon Road776 Glendon Road - Road reserve - erosion repairs01/07/201815/04/2019$50,000.00On Track
Boonal Street to Hunter River Drainage ChannelBoonal Street to Hunter River Drainage Channel01/07/201801/06/2019$84,065.00On Track
Stormwater Quality Improvement DevicesInstallation of last years GPT - Gowrie Reserve01/12/201830/06/2019$70,000.00On Track
Middle Falbrook Road (Oak Park Bridge)Station Creek Bridge Upgrade - Carry Over from FY17/1801/08/201831/05/2019$200,000.00On Track
Pitt StreetJohn St to Bathurst St - Carry Over from FY17/1801/07/201830/06/2019$355,000.00On Track
74 George St75 George St - Carry Over from FY17/1801/10/201830/06/2019$50,000.00On Track
Gym and SwimGym and Swim01/01/201830/06/2019$56,695.00On Track
Administration Building - Civic CentreReplace lighting - LED upgrade01/01/201830/06/2019$45,000.00On Track
Bulga Tennis Clubhouse (VPA Works)Bulga Tennis Clubhouse (VPA Works)01/01/201830/06/2019$20,000.00On Track
TelemetryTelemetry - WMF site security/gate access upgrade. 07/01/201930/06/2019$10,000.00On Track
Access HatchesSafety Upgrade of Access hatches for Water Reservoirs01/01/201928/06/2019$50,000.00On Track
Alternate Power Supply - Minor Pump Stations (11)Alternate Power Supply - Minor Pump Stations (11)01/03/201930/06/2019$44,000.00On Track
Telemetry - Minor RenewalsTelemetry - Minor Renewals02/07/201824/06/2019$15,000.00On Track
Replace Multitrode Unit - Minor Pump Stations (11)Replace Multitrode Unit - Minor Pump Stations (11)01/07/201825/06/2019$66,000.00On Track
Mt Thorley - Technical Specification DevelopmentMt Thorley Reservoir - Technical Specification development.
Structural review to be completed on the reservoir.
14/03/201917/06/2019$50,000.00On Track
Flouride System Replacements (NSW Health Requirement)Flouride System Replacements (NSW Health Requirement)02/07/201830/06/2019$380,000.00On Track
Valves - Inlet Valve, Backwash pump, minor valve, Gearbox and ActuatorsValves - Inlet Valve, Backwash pump, minor valve, Gearbox and Actuators01/01/201931/05/2019$275,000.00On Track
Air Control System Upgrade - Air, Lime & ChlorineAir Control System Upgrade - Air, Lime & Chlorine01/03/201901/05/2019$220,000.00On Track
Telemetry - Switchboard Upgrade (from old system)Telemetry - Switchboard Upgrade (from old system)03/09/201821/06/2019$200,000.00On Track
Upgrade Works (Gowrie)Upgrade Works (Gowrie)01/07/201821/04/2020$2,100,000.00On Track
Main Replacement/Renewal Tender AwardMain Replacement/Renewal01/08/201803/06/2019$589,609.00On Track
SCADA - UpgradeSCADA - Upgrade01/11/201828/06/2019$1,100,000.00On Track
Gresford Road Stage 2Gresford Road Stage 201/07/201805/07/2019$2,508,220.00On Track
Small Main Replacement / Relining ProgramSmall Main Replacement / Relining Program12/12/201828/06/2019$1,642,368.00On Track
Major Refurbishment (Kelso / Bourke / Dunolly)Major Refurbishment (Kelso / Bourke / Dunolly)02/07/201801/07/2019$1,085,000.00On Track
Asset Renewal ProgramHardys and Jerry's Plains Reservoir Replacement
Installation of Cathodic Protection System at Rix's Reservoir and Apex Reservoir
01/10/201815/07/2019$225,000.00On Track
Singleton Town Centre Stage 2The Stage 2 Project is a street and footpath upgrade project that will provide enhanced and improved access to the Singleton Town Centre off the New England Highway onto Campbell Street and south onto John Street, completing the heavy vehicle link through Singleton.
The battery limits of the project are John Street from Ryan Avenue to Campbell Street, and Campbell Street from John Street to the New England Highway.
04/02/201930/09/2021$84,331.00On Track
Bulga Recreation Grounds - Signage and Picnic FacilitiesBulga Recreation Grounds - Signage and Picnic Facilities

$40,000.00On Track
Bulga Water Supply SchemeBulga Water Supply Scheme02/01/201804/04/2020$3,900,000.00Pending Grant Funding