Flood Impact and Business Support

Has your business been impacted by the July 2022 major flood event? 


To assist businesses struggling with eligibility or having challenges accessing financial assistance and business advice, a face-to-face Business Recovery Assistance Point will be held at Broke Hall on Thursday 8 September between 12pm and 7pm.
 This is specifically for businesses across the region to access specialist advice for their circumstance.

 This event has been organised by Resilience NSW in response to business enquiries related to access and eligibility for grant recovery funds and business advisory support.

There'll be representatives from:

  • Service NSW – Business Concierge, who can talk businesses through the application and documentation required; 
  • Local Land Services – Soil erosion and other land issues and support.  
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service – providing grant application support and support for businesses in hardship.
  • Mental health services
  • Strengthening Business - specialist business advisors who can work with local businesses over 12 months to aid business recovery. 
  • Hunter Hub and Business Connect - who have specialist business advisors to help with specific financial, business and marketing advice to get businesses back on their feet.

You don't need an appointment or to register; just come along to take advantage of this opportunity to talk directly to the people on the ground with information and advice on your particular circumstances. 

You can apply directly with specialist advisors if you bring along the key documentation in the checklist at this link.  You can also watch this video on what documentation is needed. 

If you have any questions on the support available please contact your local Economic Development Specialist, Karen Varker, who can help answer your questions, provide advice and on how to access support. 

 Call us on T 02 6578 7290 or email us at E council@singleton.nsw.gov.a


If your business has been impacted by the July 2022 floods there is help at hand.  

1. Small Business and Primary Producer Grants:  NSW Government has now released small business and primary producer grants, find out more below or at ServiceNSW

2. Local Business Advisory Services are also available to Singleton businesses from the following services: 

  • ServiceNSW Business Concierge: contact this business concierge service on 13 77 88 for help to navigate the support available to flood impacted services.  To find out more click here. To allow ServiceNSW to best assist you, use this handy checklist to have your proof and documentation ready or watch this video.
  • Strengthening Business: Business Advisory Services:  Access to specialist business advisors to support flood impacted businesses, navigate support available and develop a roadmap and action plan for recovery.  Book an appointment with the Singleton Business Advisor here. See below for more information on this program.  
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service:  Based in Singleton at the Business Singleton offices, this service can help businesses with the financial health  of their business and understand the short term and long terms impacts, as well as devise financial strategies and goals and provide advice on grants. See below for contact information. 

3. Have you undertaken the Business Flood Impact Assessment Survey yet?   Help us to present a clear picture of the impacts on our local businesses by completing this short survey, that will help inform all levels of government on the impacts.   Click here to take the Business Impact Assessment Survey. 

4.  Primary Industries Damage Submissions including Fencing.  For primary industry businesses, please submit damage to crops, animals, infrastructure, including fencing and other damage to the Primary Industries National Disaster Damage survey.  This allows DPI to gauge the severity of impacts, understand the needs and provide assistance. This includes fencing and other damage, and allows DPI to target severely impacted areas. You can submit on your phone or computer, and it only takes a few minutes. Click here to complete the survey. 


Small Business Grants  - SERVICE NSW 

These grants assist businesses with clean up, damage, repair and replacements of up to $50,000. Available through Service NSW. Find out more and sign up here. Alternatively, call ServiceNSW on 13 77 88 or drop into your local ServiceNSW centre. 

Don't forgot to register with the ServiceNSW business concierge personalised service who can keep you informed. Find out more at this ServiceNSW Business Concierge link

Primary Producer Grants - SERVICE NSW 

This grant assists primary producers with recovery from floods impact and damage of up to $75,000.  

Find out more and sign up for primary producer grants at this link. 
Advice in preparation for applications

When practical and safe to do so: 

  • Take photographs of visible damage, keep a list of the direct damage and costs associated with repair or restoration. 
  • Keep documents to support each items such as quotes and invoices. 



Strengthening Business Program - Supporting Flood-Impacted Businesses in Singleton.   
Providing specialist business advisor to support flood impacted businesses the Strengthening Business program offers a facilitation service which will connect you to a dedicated facilitator who: 

  • Is a local, independent expert, with private sector expertise
  • Has extensive networks across national, state and local government 
  • Understands your region
  • Help you navigate the grants available. 

Your facilitator will work with you to address the challenges and opportunities your business now faces in the community. You'll get a roadmap with strategies and goals to achieve in the immediate, medium and long term. 

BOOK A 30 MINUTE VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT: Click on this link to book a 30 minute appointment with a Strengthening Business Advisor. 

This service is funded by the Australian Government.  To read about the program click here. 


Based at Business Singleton in Singleton town centre, this service supports primary producers, farmers and small businesses on business financial matters. 

They can assist with a range of services including:

  • Check the financial health of business and understand the business financial position
  • Help understanding short- and long-term impacts of this disaster on the business financial position
  • Help them finding any government grant, loan or other funding program available to support their farm business and navigate them through this process
  • Assist them to review and develop revised business financial strategies & goals
  • Help them generating their projected cash flow, creating budgets and business plans

Contact the Rural Financial Counselling Service on:
1800 344 090 
E hunter@rfcsnr.org.au  
W https://rfcsnr.org.au

This service is funded by the Australian and New South Wales Governments.